Our first tutorial video is dedicated to the Taro Plant.
The Taro (Kalo) has been cultivated in Hawaii for thousands of years and is an essential part of the culture and cuisine and is considered a sacred plant. Taro is a staple food in traditional Hawaiian diets and continues to be an important part, as we still import 95% of food to the Hawaiian islands.
Learning about Taro helps preserve and promote its cultivation and supports the urgency to create more food gardens. Please enjoy our video about the wonder of the saced Taro Plant. 

Chicken care

If you build it, they will come” – Field of Dreams

And so we started to building our beautiful Gifting Temple with a grand design to host 50 chicks. On Kutira’s birthday she picked up the one day old Golden Sex Link chicks at the airport. With lots of love we raised them and fed them with only the best ingredients. We kept 27 hens and our journey of creating the most delicious Bloom Eggs began.

Find out more about cutting-edge chicken care that will produce nutrient rich protein eggs.


FOOD GARDEN & mulching

Do you have a green thumb?
Come learn from our expert gardeners how to grow food and create a sustainable and regenerative lifestyle.
In the past few years, we studied how to create a Food Garden from scratch. Our video footage is extensive and our teachers are amazing! We hope to share more of our information with you soon in this online library.
If you are ready to develop your green thumb, stay connected and check out our offerings!


It is very simple; if you want to grow food you have to know how to create good soil; start by learning to reduce your food waste. There are many different ways to compost – we invite you to learn from the several methods we have created and adapted to. We are positive that you can incorporate at least one practice from this page to help reduce food waste and your carbon footprint overall!

locally brewed microbes

We are brewing something,~ but it’s not Beer!! It is the fine art of giving our plants nutrients to become superpower plants, that will help us to create superpower bodies.
By using locally brewed microbes, we can reduce our reliance on non-renewable resources and support local economies. Find out how to build your own bio-reactor on our page! 

Sustainable building materials

By using sustainable building materials, we can reduce our carbon footprint, conserve natural resources, and create healthier living and working environments. We planted the first variety of construction bamboo on Maui in 1994. We built the first bamboo structure in North America in 1998 and introduced bamboo flooring as a new concept of using sustainable material. Our exploration into viable building materials gets better and better as we discover more.  

‘When a Vision Became Our Destiny!’
Kutira and Raphael, Visionaries and Wisdom Keepers

Surely, that’s how we felt once this sacred land chose us to be Her caretaker. Even though we legally owned the land, it was clear we were now just the servants who would protect our environment and leave no footprints behind. Here we are living with the rhythm of nature, and preserve our resources with great respect.

We were challenged with obstacles which transformed into solutions. With patience, prayer and determination we manifested our dreams and kept our promise to honor the environment. There was no blue print. No road, no water, electricity or food bearing trees; simply a piece of jungle with our name on it and an invitation to learn and listen to the spirit of the land, the whisper in the trees, and follow the song of an ancient calling.
There is never an end. Time becomes eternal here. And even after 30 years we are still improving, inventing and creating new experiences that hold the wisdom of a sustainable future.
May our legacy be a calling for the next generation of visionaries to be inspired and honor Mother Earth, so we all can continue to live in beauty, good health and enjoy the art of living consciously.
The Agroforestry teaching is the latest addition to our body of work at the Kahua Institute. We started with this land as the foundation for regenerative living, and endeavored to teach how to create a sustainable and equitable future for Hawaii- with hope and dedication, even for the world at large.
It is now of vital importance to learn how to grow nutrient rich food and protect our natural resources. This site is dedicated to sharing our regenerative knowledge, and to invite others to contribute with their gifts.


Kutira is a founding member of Food Security Hawaii, and we urge everyone to get involved. Attended community events, contribute to creating food gardens and sharing your abundance. We have Kahua Bloom Eggs for trade! What do you have?



Haiku, HI